Verigated Bear’s Paw Caring Tips 白熊的养护心得

I changed the pots for these two Verigated Bear’s Paws this weekend, whichone I were really unsatified with…

Some people was asking me how to look after “Bear’s Paws”, especially these verigated one.

➊ I think they might like soil with not that many hard stones as the other succulents. Therefore, this time, I use around 40% of the stones for the soil.

➋They might need to be changed the soil every  year.

➌ They really don’t like large pot. If your Bear’s Paw only 5cm (wide), then, only use about 8-10cm pot.

➍ They love sunshine, but not the rain. If you want red paws, you need to put her under the roof and make sure it can receive at least 4hours DIRECT sunlight.

I will take update photos of these two pots one month later to see whether they have improvement.





➊ 观察白熊的根系,我觉得它相对来说,并不喜欢颗粒那么多的土,容易木质化(相对应哦!这是对应我其他多肉用的60%的颗粒土来说)。所以这次的配土,我在MUZI 多肉土的基础上,添加了更多的赤玉土,Potting Mix, 还有泥炭土(减少了硬颗粒)。
➋ 它换盆需要勤快一些。所谓的勤快也是对应的,我很多多肉2年没有换盆,但我觉得白熊,差不多1年就得给它换一次盆。
➌ 它不喜欢大盆。如果你想让一颗小小的白熊变成一颗大大的白熊,而让它住进一个大大的花盆… 那你最后得到的就是一颗孤零零的木质小老桩,然后叶片逐渐凋零(如图)
➍ 它喜欢阳光,但是又不喜欢淋雨。若想养出红红的小爪子,你得给她一个屋檐下,有直射阳光的黄金位。我家这个位置,直射阳光从早上10am-中午2pm, 上有屋檐,淋不到雨。


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