MUZI Succulent Seeding Mix | 木子多肉种子土 3L



【Main Ingredients】Perlite, Soil, Peat Moss, Vermicullite and Rooting Powder

Muzi Succulent Seeding Mix is a soil-less medium for growing succulents from seed. The mixing soil is finer and lighter than normal potting mix, and making it easier for tiny roots to grow.

  • Fine and ligth, easier for tiny roots to grow
  • Easy to hold water without being soggy.

** Please sterilize soil before you put seed in. 




Muzi 调配的多肉种子土,比普通土更加轻和细,适合幼小的根系生长。能很好的保湿,确定种子有足够的水分生长。

** 放入种子前,先消毒土壤。

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