MUZI Essential Spray Bug Control | MUZI有机精油植物专用防虫抗菌喷雾 300ml


MUZI Essential Spray Bug Control, organic material, SAFE for use.

【Key Ingredients】Fish Oil、Neem Oil, Lavender oil、Lemongrass Oil、Tea Tree Oil、Peppermint Oil、 Cederwood Oil、Pine scotch Oil.

Repel harmful insects, strengthen plants, protect plants from fungi.


-Directly spray on the leaves, stems, roots or any infected areas.
-Avoid spray the oil on leave which has heavy powder.
-It can be used for indoor and outdoor plants.

-External application only.
-Patch test prior to use
-Recyclable material.
-Handle with care.
-Store in cool and dark place
-Colour and clarity may between products due to pure natural content.
-It is forbidden for pregnant、parturient or Infants.









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MUZI GARDENING Succulent Spray, MUZI植物专用防虫喷雾 300ml


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