Leca Clay Balls |陶化大颗粒 5-8mm 3L


LECA is quite common used in propagating and hydroponic grower.

While the LECA balls can be used on its own for growing plants, it can also be mixed with soil for better root development.

Grade: 5-8mm
Size: 3L / Bag




3L /包

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Leca doesn’t contain any nutirents, so any nutrients your plants need, you’ll need to add into the water.

  • Water retention and good drainage, The LECA is filled with tiny pores, which can hold the water. The plant can chooses when to drink, they sip on the water that has been soaked into the LECA balls. If they are really thirsty, they will start to grow towards the water at the bottom of the pot, which helps the root development.
  • The LECA ball retains its shape and allows for continuous oxygen exchange, keep the plant roots healthy.
  • Less risk of root rot
  • Reducing the risk of getting pests
  • Easy to check the growing condition of the root



  • 陶粒垫盆底:避免积水,不但透气保水性和透水性都很好
  • 水培植物,避免烂根,促进根系生长

** 尽量避免使用陶粒铺面,因为陶粒的保水性很好,用做铺面会不利于土壤中多余的水分蒸发。

The cutting put in LECA balls on 23.06.2021, and after one week, we have grown nice and strong roots.
(Photo taken on 1.Jul.2021,)

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Leca clay balls


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