Kanuma Soil |鹿沼土 3-5mm 3L or 14L


Kanuma Soil |鹿沼土

5L bag.

Usage:planting cover stone, or mix with soil

Features and Benefits:

  • Retain moisture while draining off the excess water
  • Facilitates better root development
  • Better root development
  • Size: 3-5mm





5L /包

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Kanuma soil is the baked substrate obtained from the Kanuma region in Japan. They are volcanic rocks that are firstly mined from the soil and then carefully processed, sterilized, and baked. It acts as an excellent substrate for growing plants that love to thrive under slightly acidic conditions. Kanuma soil is one of the two most popular soils along with Akadama used in Japan for gardening and growing indoor plants.

【Benefits of Kanuma soil】

  • Kanuma soil is highly porous so it can retain a certain quantity of moisture while draining off the excess water. This limited moisture-holding capacity helps the roots to absorb the needed quantity of water without having to sit in a waterlogged condition for hours straight. As the Kanuma soil is porous it also helps in trapping better nutrients in the soil which further promotes better root development.
  • Facilitates better root development. Kanuma soil particles are smaller in size and promote the roots to develop freely. As a consequence of which the roots are being able to breathe much better and go much deeper and grow up to be much stronger.
  • Better root development means better supply and absorption of minerals and water for the rest of the plant. Succulents and bonsai with a stronger base foundation are likely to grow up to be stunningly beautiful and healthy as the root health is directly proportional to the overall succulent health.
  • Kanuma soil is so lightweight that it facilitates better aeration in the soil. This means the soil gets a better dosage of oxygen which further helps them to develop to be much healthier. Also, the chances of fungal or other microbial growth in the soil decrease a lot as the soil does not remain moist for long. So it indirectly contributes somewhat to preventing pest manifestation and root rot.
  • Like Akadama, Kanuma soil also helps in the development of fibrous root growth which is beneficial when repotting. You dont have to go through many hassles as the roots won’t be too hard and you can effective get rid of the excess soil.
  • Kanuma Soil looks stunning when used as an additional top layer around the stem base owing to its color.




鹿沼土是良好的土壤改良材料,可全面改善土壤状况,并能有效地促进植物生长。适合多肉植物的种植与培养。因其出色的保水、排水和保温性,可作为盆底石来使用, 亦可作为铺在土面的表层植材。炎热夏季,它们还可以明显降低盆土温度,有利植物度夏。鹿沼土可单独使用,也可与泥炭(颗粒)、腐叶土、赤玉土等其他介质混用,建议混合比例为草花和观叶植物30%,球根花卉50%,兰花60%,多肉植物80%。



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Kanuma Soil


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