Peters’ Professional Water Soluble Fertilizers | 花多多水溶肥叶面肥绿植、多肉、兰花全用肥料


Peters’ Professional  water-soluble fertilizer is great for maintaining plants.

  • Effective for all water types.
  • 100% Water soluble
  • exclusive M-77 Chelating formula for fast, efficient nutrient uptake.
  • Fast plant response after application
  • Can improve and enhance the bud setting, color, and size when used regularly.

For more detail please check the “PRODUCT DESCRIPTION” below.



本产品是Peters’ Professional 花多多的分装。


  • 透明溶液系统:提高养分吸收,肥料利用率更高
  • 极易溶于水,不产生堵塞。
  • 叶色好,尤其适合观叶植物,因其含有完整的微量元素组合,铁含量高。
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We have three Peters’ Professional products each formulated for a specific nutritional program.

#10, 30-10-10, Hi-Nitro Foliar Feed: General-purpose application for indoor plants, Orchid and nursery container.

Hi-Nitro ratio ensure the leave grow green and large.

Developed for peat based cultures, pot plants, bedding plants and container nursery stock.

#12,15-10-30+TE, Suitable for potted succulents

The N:K ratio of 1:2 ensures that the potassium level can be raised quickly.  It ensures good potted-succulent-color and optimized succulent size and weight. 

Contains NPK, magnesium and trace elements.

#101,Combi Sol 6-18-36+3MgO+TE, Suitable for PROPAGATING, ORCHID, succulent and Anthurium. 

Combi Sol has a higher amount of trace elements for perfect results.

NPK high levle of potassium.


  • Prepare the solution 1g with 1L or 2L of water, stir carefully or use warm water inorder to let the product dissolve more easily. You can also add 1-2 drop of HB 101 for
  • For General Maintenance: 1g with 1L of water and spray plants or water the plant root area at 7-10 days interval.
  • Use lower rate when plants are young and higher rate during growing season.
  • Store your water-soluble fertilizer in a clean, cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.


  • 日常养护 (7-10天一次):1:1000 兑水稀释。1g 花多多肥兑水1000ml, 浇灌在植株土壤根圈周围。兰科植物按照1:2500稀释。如遇持续阴雨天气,土壤湿涝不要采取浇灌施肥
  • 喷叶(7-10天一次):1:1000-2000 兑水稀释,均匀喷洒于全株叶片湿润即可。开花植物不要喷到花苞。夏季高温尽量不要采取喷叶方式,或避开正午,选择9am以前,或5pm 以后。





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