Fungicide Powder | 多菌灵 10g


Antibacterial · Antifungi
Use 1g of Fungicide powder mix with 10L Succulent Soil

To cure the fungi disease, use 1g of Fungicide mix with 1L water, and infuse the root in the fungicide water.

If you want to spray with the plant, use 1g in 10L water, and make it well dilluted.

✖✖Aware: Do not directly touch with skin. Wear glove and mask when applying.

[Usage and Dosage] : 10g per bag can be mixed with water 1-1.5kg, spray evenly on the front and back of the leaves during 7-10 days.



【用法及用量】:每一包10g可兑水1-1.5kg, 在叶正反面均匀喷雾7-10天一次。球兰花卉每袋兑水300-700g 浸泡半小时可治疗种球腐烂,霉斑等症状。



(l)多菌灵可与 一般杀菌剂混用,但与杀虫剂、杀螨剂混用时要随混随用,不宜与碱性药剂混用。




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Carbendazim Fungicide Powder, 多菌灵10g


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