Begonia rex ‘Jack. Frost’


Begonia ‘Jack. Frost‘

Well rooted , potted in 7cm Plastic Pot

**the plant baby is around the similar size as the picture applied. 3-4 leaves

All our Indoor plants are planted with speical MUZI Indoor soil.

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秋海棠 Jack Frost

实际拿到的小苗和产品照片是类似的,但是不完全一样。3-4片叶子,种植在7cm 小黑方里。


我们有专门调配的MUZI 绿植土.


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Begonia rex-cultorum ‘Jack. Frost’, a spreading hybrid with very boldly silver-grey variegated foliage, with pinkish-red stems and undersides to the leaves. The upper surfaces of young leaves often pink-flushed. The flowers are white to pale pink.

Bright indirect light indoor.

Well-drained soil

Apply slow-release fertilizer every early spring.

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