Rooting Hormone Powder| 生根粉10g


Encourage root growing, use for propagating and plant cutting

10g package,small amount to be used each time, and keep the rooting powder fresh.

Using a rooting powder to propagate plant cuttings increases the chance that the new plant will thrive.

– 1:10 diluted with water, then dip the stem into the diluted water for 5-10secs

– It can also used 1:1000, and spray the baby plants to encourage the growing.




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When planting plants, protective measures are essential.

Starting from soil preparation, we can comprehensively use Fungicide Powder, Rooting Hormone powder, Soil disinfectant, and BaiChong Ling (Pest Master Guardian).

  • Mixing Soil

For every 5 liters of planting soil, we sequentially add 1 packet of Fungicide Powder, Rooting Hormone powder, and Soil disinfectant, and mix in an appropriate amount of BaiChong Ling or XiaoBai Yao.

  • Watering

During regular watering, give the plants a root irrigation once a week.

The formula for MUZI’s nutrient water is:
every 10L water
+10 drops of HB101
+10ml  concentrated nutrient solution (added according to the different types of succulents or green plants)
+ 1 packet of Fungicide Powder, Rooting Hormone powder, Soil disinfectant, and BaiChong Ling

For routine maintenance, I use MUZI Gardenging essential oil and HB101 mixed spray. Both are pure plant organic products that can prevent pests such as black flies and enhance the plant’s immunity. If significant pests such as scale insects or aphids are found, BaiChong Ling can be used as a spray on the leaves and stems.

Please note, if the products used do not contain purely natural plant ingredients, it is essential to wear a mask and gloves.



每5升的种植土中,我们依次添加1包多菌灵、生根粉、土壤消毒剂,并混入适量的百虫灵。 日常浇水时,每周给植物进行一次灌根。


日常养护中,我会使用MUZI Gardenging复方精油和HB101混合喷雾。这两种都是纯植物有机的,可以预防小黑飞等害虫,提高植物的免疫力。



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