Assignment Accounting 12

the information below relates to the cash account in the ledger of minton company.

X This interest is subordinated to the payment of preferred dividends. ArLast complete annual report in Financial Chronicle Jan. Some other respect from the reports of the Commission. The accompanying index, however, is not confined to the returns which have come to hand the present week. Such securities being almost entirely at private sale over the counter. The Stock Exchange record hence is imperfect and misleading, and accordingly we omit it here. 81.50 for each share of convertible preference stock.

WHEREAS, Waste Services Inc., an Ontario corporation, and Waste Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation, have entered into that certain Credit Agreement, dated as of October 8, 2008 (as amended, restated, supplemented, replaced or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Credit Agreement”), with the Lenders from time to time party thereto, Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays Bank PLC, and Banc of America Securities LLC, as joint lead arrangers and joint lead bookrunners, Bank of America, N.A., as syndication agent, Bosic Inc., SunTrust Bank and The Bank of Nova Scotia, as co-documentation agents, the Administrative Agent and The Bank of Nova Scotia, as Canadian agent and Canadian collateral agent. Each Grantor acknowledges that pursuant to Section of the New York UCC and any other applicable law, the Administrative Agent is authorized to file or record financing or continuation statements, and amendments thereto, and other filing or recording documents or instruments with respect to the Collateral in such form and in such offices as the Administrative Agent reasonably determines appropriate to perfect or maintain the perfection of the security interests of the Administrative Agent under this Agreement. Each Grantor agrees that such financing statements may describe the collateral in the same manner as described in the Security documents or as “all assets” or “all personal property” of the undersigned, whether now owned or hereafter existing or acquired by the undersigned or such other description as the Administrative Agent, in its sole judgment, determines is necessary or advisable. A photographic or other reproduction of this Agreement shall be sufficient as a financing statement or other filing or recording document or instrument for filing or recording in any jurisdiction. Right or equity is hereby waived and released.

Dayton to Chillicothe, where the corporation’s largest mill is located. A loan of$2,000,000 which will be available if sufficient bonds are deposited. Years, and in any e,ei t will not exceed about 50 cents per share of pref. The Kreuger & Toll assets only if filed in due time. Presented by 290,285 class A shares and 290,285 class B shares. A Represented by 1,124,634 no par shares in 1932 and 1,147,302 in 1931. A Outstanding $22.500 shares at stated value of $1 per share.

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A disadvantage of the corporate form of business organization is double taxation. A major reason that businesses choose the corporate form of business structure over a partnership is unlimited liability. A partnership agreement defines the responsibilities of each partner and how income and losses will be divided. Within the internal control structure, segregation of duties is an important way to prevent fraud.

Against net income of $45,984 in corresponding period last year. To be held in the Vesey Street salesrooms, under the direction of Stanley L. Company is solvent, but has insufficient working capital. Any similar time since the company has manufactured refrigerators, according to John F. Ditzell, Assistant Vice-President in charge of refrigeration. Per share dividend, thus to avoid impairing our capital surplus.

the information below relates to the cash account in the ledger of minton company.

Within 30 days of the Closing Date, the US Borrower shall have duly executed and delivered, or shall have caused each applicable Loan Party to duly execute and deliver, an account control agreement with respect to each of the Deposit Accounts set forth in Schedule 2 to the Guarantee and US Collateral Agreement, executed and delivered by each of the parties thereto. Provisions attaching to the exchangeable shares of Waste Services Inc. 3. Stock options issued pursuant to the 1999 Stock Option Plan of Waste Services Inc. and the 2007 Equity and Performance Incentive Plan.

The banking position, which Is sound, will be greatly endangered, the statement continued. Current to-day that South Africa would go off the gold standard Monday. Steel ingot production for the week ended Monday (Dec.

What Data Are Relevant In Deciding Whether To Accept An Order At A Special Price? Define The Term

The undersigned hereby waives presentment, protest and notice of every kind and waives any defences based upon indulgences which may be granted by the Holder to any party liable hereon and any days of grace. Have not in any way been amended, modified, revoked or rescinded, have been in full force and effect since their adoption to and including the date hereof and are now in full force and effect and are the only corporate proceedings of the Company now in force relating to or affecting the matters referred to therein.

  • As of the Closing Date, no Loan Party has any material Guarantee Obligations, contingent liabilities and liabilities for taxes, or any long-term leases or unusual forward or long-term commitments, including, without limitation, any interest rate or foreign currency swap or exchange transaction or other obligation in respect of derivatives, that are not reflected in the most recent financial statements referred to in this paragraph.
  • A waiver by any Secured Party of any right or remedy hereunder on any one occasion shall not be construed as a bar to any right or remedy which such Secured Party would otherwise have on any future occasion.
  • Share previously paid each quarter.—V.
  • Consists of discounts and advances which rose £6,676,435, and securities which decreased £3,835,487.
  • On the 29th stocks advanced 1 to 3 points on trading which to 48, and Winnipeg reported zero weather.

Clearly demonstrated its insufficiency and incompetence. It will not initiate reforms that are imperative. Weekly averages of figures for weeks ending Saturday, and single-date figures for each Wednesday.

The Information Below Relates To The Cash Account In The Ledger Of Oriole Company Balance September 1

Each Loan Party acknowledges that it is not authorized to file any financing statement or amendment or termination statement with respect to any financing statement originally filed in connection herewith without the prior written consent of the Administrative Agent subject to such Loan Party’s rights under Section of the New York UCC. Respect thereto as may exist from time to time among them, but, as between the Administrative Agent and the Grantors, the Administrative Agent shall be conclusively presumed to be acting as agent for the Secured Parties with full and valid authority so to act or refrain from acting, and no Grantor shall be under any obligation, or entitlement, to make any inquiry respecting such authority. At any time after the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, at the Administrative Agent’s request, each Grantor shall deliver to the Administrative Agent all original and other documents evidencing, and relating to, the agreements and transactions which gave rise to the Receivables, including, without limitation, all original orders, invoices and shipping receipts. With respect to any Vehicle owned by a Grantor, at the reasonable request of the Administrative Agent, take such action , including endorsing certificates of title or executing applications for transfer of title, as is reasonably required by the Administrative Agent to enable it to properly perfect and protect its Lien on such Vehicles and to transfer the same upon an Event of Default; provided that the Administrative Agent shall not register its security interest in such certificates of title or applications for transfer of title until an Event of Default has occurred. In the event that any material Intellectual Property is infringed, misappropriated or diluted by a third party, such Grantor shall take such actions as such Grantor shall reasonably deem appropriate under the circumstances to protect such Intellectual Property and if such Intellectual Property is of material economic value, promptly notify the Administrative Agent after it learns thereof and take such actions as such Grantor shall reasonably deem appropriate including, without limitation, suing for infringement, misappropriation or dilution, seeking injunctive relief where appropriate and recovering any and all damages for such infringement, misappropriation or dilution. Such Grantor will not do any act that knowingly uses any material Intellectual Property to infringe the intellectual property rights of any other Person. Each Grantor shall perform and comply in all material respects with all of its obligations with respect to the Receivables.

the information below relates to the cash account in the ledger of minton company.

Armkel’s balance sheet is without recourse to the Company. Million, including the assumption of certain debt plus transaction costs.

To make investments in notes receivable, and to pay cash dividends. A photocopy machine company produces three types of laser printers— the Print Jet, the Print Desk, and the Print Pro— the sale of which earn profits of $60, $90, and $73, respectively. The Print Jet requires 2.9 hours of assembly time and 1.4 hours of testing time. Revenue, expense, and dividend accounts The temporary accounts include revenue, expense, and dividend accounts.

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The shares of Pledged Equity Interests pledged by such Grantor hereunder constitute all of the issued and outstanding shares of all classes of the Capital Stock of each Issuer owned by such Grantor. Security entitlements of any nature whatsoever in respect of the debt securities of any Person that may be issued or granted to, or held by, any Grantor while this Agreement is in effect. This INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SECURITY AGREEMENT , dated as of (as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, this “First Supplemental Intellectual Property Security Agreement”), is made by each of the signatories hereto (collectively, the “Grantors”) the information below relates to the cash account in the ledger of minton company. in favor of Barclays Bank PLC, as administrative agent (in such capacity, together with its permitted successors and assigns in such capacity, the “Administrative Agent”) for the Secured Parties . WHEREAS, it is a condition precedent to the obligation of the Lenders to make their respective extensions of credit to the Borrowers under the Credit Agreement that the Grantors shall have executed and delivered that certain Guarantee and US Collateral Agreement, dated as of October 8, 2008, in favor of the Administrative Agent (as amended, restated, supplemented, replaced or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Guarantee and US Collateral Agreement”).

  • Collapse of Unemployment Insurance in Germany— prices, credit, currency, commercial policy and the crisis.
  • Guarantor shall be Disposed of in a transaction permitted by the Credit Agreement; providedthat the Borrowers shall have delivered to the Administrative Agent, at least ten Business Days prior to the date of the proposed release, a written request for release identifying the relevant Subsidiary Guarantor and the terms of the Disposition in reasonable detail, including the price thereof and any expenses in connection therewith, together with a certification by the Borrowers stating that such transaction is in compliance with the Credit Agreement and the other Loan Documents and that the Proceeds of such Disposition will be applied in accordance therewith.
  • Appointment of Co-Collateral Agents.
  • A common error by depositors is recording a check in the accounting records at an amount that differs from the actual amount.
  • Collection of or in respect of these taxes, surtaxes, duties, levies, imposts, rates, fees, assessments, withholdings and other charges.
  • Borrower’s Reimbursement Obligations under Section 3.5 shall not be affected by, among other things, the validity or genuineness of documents or of any endorsements thereon, even though such documents shall in fact prove to be invalid, fraudulent or forged, or any dispute between or among such Borrower and any beneficiary of any Letter of Credit or any other party to which such Letter of Credit may be transferred or any claims whatsoever of such Borrower against any beneficiary of such Letter of Credit or any such transferee.

A company’s receipts from September 30 that get… A company’s Cash account has a balance of $851… A company had a receipt of $989 and correctly… McDermott Company’s bank statement for… What are the reasons for differences between…

Assignment Accounting 12

Lender is the sole record and beneficial owner of the Loans or the obligations evidenced by Note in respect of which it is providing this certificate. No Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing as of the date hereof or after giving effect to the Loans to be made and/or Letters of Credit to be issued on the date hereof. The information described herein is as of ___, 200_, and pertains to the period from ___, 20___to ___, 20___. This First Supplemental Intellectual Property Security Agreement shall be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with, the law of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein.

Payable by the Canadian Agent or such Lender to the Canadian Borrower. If for any fiscal year of the US Borrower commencing with the fiscal year ending December 31, 2009 there shall be Excess Cash Flow, then, on the relevant Excess Cash Flow Application Date, the Term Loans shall be prepaid and/or the Revolving Credit Loans shall be repaid, by an amount equal to 50% of such Excess Cash Flow, as set forth in Section 2.13. Each such prepayment shall be made on a date (an “Excess Cash Flow Application Date”) no later than five days after the earlier of the date on which the financial statements of the US Borrower referred to in Section 6.1, for the fiscal year with respect to which such prepayment is made, are required to be delivered to the Lenders and the date such financial statements are actually delivered. When added to such Lender’s Revolving Credit US/CA Percentage of the sum of the L/C US/CA Obligations of the US Borrower then outstanding, the Dollar Equivalent of the aggregate principal amount of the Swing Line Loans of the US Borrower then outstanding, the Revolving Credit US/CA Facility Percentage of the L/C Obligations of the Canadian Borrower and the Dollar Equivalent of the Revolving Credit US/CA Facility Percentage of the aggregate principal amount of the Swing Line Loans of the Canadian Borrower then outstanding, does not exceed the amount of such Lender’s Revolving Credit US/CA Commitment. During the Revolving Credit Commitment Period, the Borrowers may use the Revolving Credit Commitments by borrowing, prepaying , and reborrowing, the Revolving Credit Loans, all in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. The Revolving Credit Loans may from time to time be Eurodollar Loans, Base Rate Loans, Bankers’ Acceptances or Canadian Prime Rate Loans, as applicable, as determined by the applicable Borrower and notified to the Administrative Agent or the Canadian Agent, as applicable, in accordance with Sections 2.5 and 2.14, provided that no Revolving Credit Loan shall be made as a Eurodollar Loan or a Bankers’ Acceptance after the day that is one month prior to the Revolving Credit Termination Date.

On the Closing Date, the Lenders shall have received a Solvency Certificate substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit K, executed by the chief financial officer of each Borrower. The Administrative Agent shall have received a copy of all recorded documents referred to, or listed as exceptions to title in, the title policy or policies referred to in clause above and a copy of all other material documents affecting the Mortgaged Properties. Filings, Registrations and Recordings.

the information below relates to the cash account in the ledger of minton company.

On the 29th stocks advanced 1 to 3 points on trading which to 48, and Winnipeg reported zero weather. Holiday trade was better than expected but the total was pending. Sterling declined because of South Africa’s departbelow that of a year ago.

The service of the home and foreign municipal debt requires only 600,000,000. Utilities must be unconditionally appropriated for prior service of these debts. Deputies to-day during debate on provisional credits for January. From Washington and is able to give the Premier general debt information. That some opponents of payment to America did not consider this.” Empire to a lesser extent,still owe the United Kingdom on war debt account. Accounts at the time of the general Hoover moratorium.

The Information Below Relates To The Cash Account In The Ledger Of Robertson Company Balance September 1

Such Grantor has taken all steps to use consistent standards of quality in the manufacture, distribution and sale of all products sold and provision of all services provided under or in connection with any item of material Intellectual Property and has taken all steps to ensure that all licensed users of any kind of material Intellectual Property use such consistent standards of quality. Or agent of such Grantor is in default or breach of any term of any employment agreement, non-disclosure agreement, assignment of inventions agreement or similar agreement or contract relating in any way to the protection, ownership, development, use or transfer of such Grantor’s material Intellectual Property. Each Guarantor hereby guarantees that payments hereunder with respect to the US Borrower Obligations will be paid to the Administrative Agent without set-off or counterclaim in Dollars in immediately available funds at the office of the Administrative Agent located at the Payment Office specified in the Credit Agreement and that payments hereunder with respect to the Canadian Borrower Obligations will be paid to the Canadian Agent without set-off or counterclaim in Canadian Dollars in immediately available funds at the office of the Canadian Agent located at the Canadian Payment Office specified in the Credit Agreement. Guarantee Absolute and Unconditional. Each Guarantor waives any and all notice of the creation, renewal, extension or accrual of any of the Borrower Obligations and notice of or proof of reliance by any Secured Party upon the guarantee contained in this Section 2 or acceptance of the guarantee contained in this Section 2; the Borrower Obligations, and any of them, shall conclusively be deemed to have been created, contracted or incurred, or renewed, extended, amended or waived, in reliance upon the guarantee contained in this Section 2; and all dealings between any of the Borrowers and any of the Guarantors, on the one hand, and the Secured Parties, on the other hand, likewise shall be conclusively presumed to have been had or consummated in reliance upon the guarantee contained in this Section 2.

Stock, payable Dec. 28 to holders of record Dec. 27. Previously, the company made semi-annual distributions of $1.25 per share on this issue.—V.

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